Phoenix horse track under quarantine after herpes outbreak

However, no horses will be allowed to leave or enter the facility for the duration of the quarantine.

“We are being overly cautious because our main concern is for the safety of the horses currently stabled on our grounds,” Director of Racing David Longinotti said in a statement.

“It’s not because we’re trying to be tough with New Mexico,” Francia said. Only essential personnel such as veterinarians will be allowed in the stables, Francia said.

Officials at Sunland Park Racetrack and Casino say they have temporarily suspended all races because of the outbreak. Then one, a mare, was suddenly unable to stand Wednesday. The horse was one of three that arrived Jan. So far, they show no signs of the virus.

The horse was sent to a lab in Tucson for testing. The company also said that racetrack employees from New Mexico and Arizona — “including, but not limited to jockeys, grooms, farriers and trainers” — will not be allowed on the grounds until they have been cleared by the racetrack stewards.

One horse had to be euthanized this week at Turf Paradise in north Phoenix, manager Vincent Francia said. Francia said a nasal swab came back negative for all three and the animals seemed fine. “This virus is so easily transferable from human to horse.”

The other two are under isolation for 21 days.

When the facility first learned horses in Sunland Park were testing positive for the virus, the three horses were tested. “But the situation (in Sunland Park) on a daily basis keeps getting worse.”

“We got very aggressive,” Francia said. Of those animals, one was euthanized.

Turf Paradise currently houses 1,700 horses and will continue to hold races as scheduled. Though the results won’t be available for a week, Turf Paradise staff immediately enacted measures to disinfect anything that comes in contact with the horses.

PHOENIX –  A Phoenix racetrack’s horses remained under quarantine Friday as officials worked to get the upper hand on an equine herpes outbreak that has infected more than a dozen horses in New Mexico.

. Jockeys will have to use Chlorox wipes on their hands and disinfect their riding boots after each race. She eventually had to be put down.

Even if nothing turns up under the quarantine, Turf Paradise will likely not accept horses from New Mexico for the foreseeable future.

On Friday night, Oaklawn Racing & Gaming of Hot Springs, Arkansas, announced that is has banned from its racetrack all horses from New Mexico and Arizona or those that have been in these states since Jan. 20 from Sunland Park, New Mexico.

Workers have been sanitizing everything in stable stalls including the walls, tack supplies and even water buckets. 1 because of the outbreak. So far, 18 horses have tested positive for the equine virus. Even the starting gates have had to be cleaned

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